Renovated Campus Theatre opens

By Carleen Boyer

Contributing Writer

Last Friday, Lewisburg’s Campus Theatre reopened its doors after a $2.5 million renovation. 

Renovations on the theater, which has been a part of downtown Lewisburg since the 1940s, began last year. “It’s pretty special to have this nostalgic theater in walking distance,” said Ellen Flacker-Darer, Executive Director of the Campus Theatre.

The 70-year-old building, originally owned by a non-profit organization, was bought by the University last year and modifications began seven months ago. Some of the changes in the theater include new seating and a concession stand that offers traditional movie favorites in addition to healthier choices from local businesses.

The theater is unique in more ways than one, and the renovations highlight some of the traditional aspects of the building. Thanks to John Hartmann ’79 and a group of other community members, the original atmosphere of the theater was maintained throughout the restoration.

“It was amazing to see all the team players from the theatre to Bucknell associates; from contractors to the John Hartmann’s wonderfully skilled group take this task on and really have fun with it,” Campus Theatre Board of Directors Chair Mark O’Brien.

The theater’s schedule is packed. “I’ve heard people who have graduated from Bucknell tell me that they never even knew the Campus Theatre was there,” Flacker-Darer said. She hopes that the theater will appeal not only to locals but also to students as well.

In addition to showing well-known movies for the student price of six dollars, the Campus Theatre has also teamed up with the film professors at the University. Now, on Tuesday nights, the University film series will offer screenings for only two dollars.

“I think one of the nicest things about the Campus Theater is that Lewisburg is such a college town, and the idea of the town and University being brought together at this historic place is great,” Jeff Finnegan ’14 said.

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