CORE hosts fire and ice event

Lindsay Kaul, Contributing Writer

The Campus Activities & Programs (CAP) Center Core team’s Fire and Ice event on Friday, March 5 lived up to its name in more ways than one. On a chilly night this past weekend, students showed up outside of Uptown for different fire and ice-themed activities. Not only were there s’mores kits and hot chocolate to keep students warm, but there was a great fire show. Students gathered in the amphitheater in front of McDonnell Hall to enjoy various tricks by the Ohio Burn Union. 

In terms of ice-themed activities, students were provided with snowflake-shaped cookies and had the opportunity to watch an ice sculpture being made. Starting from a big block of ice, the sculptor chipped away throughout the night to reveal a bison statue. For those who weren’t able to attend the event in person, they could follow along on the sculpture’s progress on the CAP Center’s Instagram story. On display on a table outside of Uptown was also a beautiful snowflake sculpture. 

Carole Beckhorn ’23, one of Core’s event planners behind Fire and Ice, explains the inspiration and planning process behind the event. “Fire and Ice was a new event this semester. We decided on the name during our brainstorming at the beginning of the semester deciding what events we will have. For activities, since the theme was fire and ice I thought it would be fun to have literally fire and ice. So we brought in the Ohio Burn Union who hold a world record and are the stunt doubles of some famous people such as Tom Holland. And then for the ice aspect we found an ice carver to come carve a bison out of ice. We also had hot and cold food too. The ice bison looked amazing and the fire show was spectacular, too,” Beckhorn said.

Jackie Silvers ’23, a Fire and Ice attendee, agrees. “The bison sculpture was incredible,” Silvers said. 

“The fire show was so cool and the tricks they were doing were mesmerizing” attendee Maggie Zipfel ’23 said. 

Overall, CAP Center Core team’s Fire and Ice show was a refreshing and creative new event among its more popular mainstays. Depending on what the team has planned for next year, it would be interesting to see Fire and Ice return next winter.

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