Things more dangerous than the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Sarah Petnuch, Contributing Writer

PSA: This is not meant to discredit the severity of a blood clot nor undermine the pain experienced by those affected.

COVID-19 vaccines are a very hot, as well as very controversial, topic of conversation nowadays. To get the vaccine or to not get the vaccine; that is the question. And if so, which one? There is the classic Pfizer and the edgy Moderna, as well as the up-and-coming AstraZeneca. One of the vaccines, Johnson & Johnson, has been getting a lot of unwanted attention because it has caused blood clots in a whopping six out of 6.8 million people that have received it. Which is about 0.00009 percent. Not to mention that all six of these people were women between the ages of 18 and 48 that could have been on birth control, which is known to cause blood clots… but that’s a story for another time, perhaps when discussing the lack of concern surrounding women-specific health care (just kidding, we’ll never talk about that).

Anyway, Johnson & Johnson decided to recall their vaccine. A wise choice to avoid any negative press. It’s kind of interesting, though, that we are so afraid of this vaccine with such minimal risk, even though there are so many things (some of which we have probably done) that are much more dangerous than the 0.00009 percent chance that you may get a blood clot. Some of those things include:

1. Going on a three-day bender with minimal pure water and zero whole foods

Also known as any college student’s average weekend. I’m pretty sure beer has water in it though, so that’s a saving grace. 

2. Getting in a car

They say that 77 % of drivers have been in a car accident. Now think about how often you drive your car, how many close calls you’ve had, how many times your life has flashed before your eyes. Statistics are statistics, people! However, this risk becomes even more prevalent as a woman. Misogynistic car salesmen increase the chances of women committing homicide by tenfold, and jail seems really scary. Try telling me to get my father’s opinion on this used Honda Civic now, Ted. 

3. Exiting a building between the months of May and August

I know most if not all of us are guilty of this one. I know for myself personally, sitting outside in the summer and absolutely searing my skin off is one of my favorite activities. And to that I have two words: skin cancer. But alas, the impossible beauty standards are inescapable. Besides, what’s the point of getting the vaccine if I can’t go out and look good anyway?

Now I understand the newness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the mix of emotions people have towards it, but let’s try not to forget the risks we take literally everyday. Those situations with chances of danger being almost as high as a whole 0.00009 percent.

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