The transition from college to adulthood

Sarah Petnuch, Contributing Writer

They say that the transition from high school to college is a big jump, but I would argue that the transition from college to real life is even bigger. You graduate from college and it’s game over. You get out into the real world and it’s a whole “deer in headlights” type situation. The people who were once big fish in a small pond are now small fish in a big pond. The amount of responsibilities you have goes up, as do your cortisol levels.

I mean, think about it. Once you graduate from college, you can’t be seen drinking Natty Lights anymore. You either have to start pretending to like IPAs or become a red wine person. You also can’t walk around in jEaNs aNd A cUtE tOp anymore. An entirely new wardrobe must be purchased that includes suits, ties, heels and blouses. Pulling up in the morning in sweatpants and a hoodie is no longer acceptable, and you know what? I don’t understand it. Maybe people would be more productive if they were comfy. Just a thought. Like, you’re telling me I have to wake up every day and look presentable? The thought of it makes me SICK.

Getting away with fun activities in general is a thing of the past. You can’t be doing late-night Sheetz runs when you have to get up at 6:41 a.m. for work, and drinking on weeknights? Out of the question. There are bills to pay, deadlines to meet and business calls to be made that cannot be done hungover. 

Failing to accomplish goals in college is whatever. You get a below average grade on your Introduction to Finance exam and it’s like, “So what? Who cares?” Your activity in Alpha Gamma Apple Pi can make up for it and get you a job, anyway. But in the real world? The stakes are much higher. You miss a deadline and you get fired from your job. Suddenly you can’t pay your bills and you’re living in a box on the street. Adulthood is an entirely different ball game. 

So to our graduating seniors…  good luck out there. I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

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