Boyfriend and Girlfriend Move Into Dorm Room Together to “Strengthen Their Relationship”

Sarah Petnuch, Senior Writer

Relationships in college can be a tricky thing to navigate. Whether it’s partying too much, distance, alcoholism, or lack of communication, something is always bound to cause issues. Every word spoken and every step taken in a relationship must be calculated and strategic. It’s all a big game. But one couple has recently decided to manage their issues by doing probably one of the worst things imaginable: moving into a dorm room together.

People sometimes struggle to live in an apartment or even a full-blown house with their significant other, so imagine living in a minuscule 10×15 foot dorm room together? Unimaginable. The decor was… interesting, to say the least. The two twin beds were pushed together to allow maximum room for activity, obviously.

Each side of the room was completely different. Like night and day. The girlfriend’s side was entirely decorated in blindingly bright colors and pictures of her little rat-looking dog that she claimed her boyfriend “loves so much!” He made no following comment. School supplies were color coordinated, and clothing was folded and categorized in alphabetical order by the fabric it was made of.

The boyfriend’s side of the room was an entirely different story. Dirty laundry covered the floor, the walls were empty, and there wasn’t anything on the desk that appeared to be remotely useful for academics in any shape or form. The couple agreed that their “different lifestyles,” help to create a “balance in their relationship.” Whatever that means. “We love living together,” the girlfriend said. Other members of the hall seem to think otherwise.

“The RA had to break up an hour-long argument last week about who was supposed to take the garbage out,” a hall resident said. Even Housing Services are sick of having to unlock the room after one of them decides to lock the other out, which supposedly happens at least once a week. Just yesterday, the girlfriend threw a full-on toddler-style tantrum because her boyfriend wouldn’t kill a spider crawling on the ceiling.

Not only are residents tired of listening to the daily fights, but of the nightly activity as well. Various questionable noises can be heard coming from their room, echoing down the hall on a regular basis. “While they may not get along during the day, they sure do get along just fine at night from what I can hear,” the RA said.

It has been a few weeks since we interviewed the couple, but we have already been updated that they peacefully broke up, left the dorm, and have now moved on to date other people. This time, however, their new significant others live on opposite sides of campus.

Moral of the story: don’t move into a dorm with your significant other. Nothing good comes from it. Instead, try to see them as little as possible, like once a week for an hour at the absolute maximum. The more time you spend away from your boyfriend or girlfriend, the less time they have available to piss you off. And hey, maybe a little space can be a good thing because you know what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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