When Your Family Comes to Visit

Sarah Petnuch, Senior Writer

There are many students whose families did not, for whatever reason, attend parents weekend. This year, I was one of those students. It’s not like my parents are trying to abandon me or are on the verge of disowning me or anything like that, I just don’t think that going to super and shotgunning a beer with my parents surrounded by hundreds of drunk college students while my three younger siblings are standing right next to us is the vibe. My middle school-age brother does not need to see my mother do a keg stand. My family instead opted to visit this past weekend, but that left us with one problem: there isn’t much to do in Lewisburg. I always feel bad when my family drives multiple hours to see me and after saying hello and having regular catch-up conversation about how school is hard and my health is in shambles, I inform them that I have essentially nothing planned for them to do here for the next 24 hours. So, I decided to come up with a couple ideas.

Go to a game! I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me and my family hype like seeing my team add to their 0-12 losing streak. There really isn’t even any team I’m subtweeting here, it’s a valid generalization that can be made across the board. I think most people know when they come to this school for athletics, they’re probably not going pro… or at least I hope they know. 

Another fun thing to do with your family is show them your classrooms! My little brother absolutely loves walking up and down hills into a bunch of random buildings with rooms full of chairs and tables that all look exactly the same. He looks at me as if to say, “I can’t believe Mom and Dad made me sit in the car for three hours for THIS.” But, what he doesn’t understand is that, unfortunately, my options when it comes to entertaining my family with ages ranging from 13 to 45 while in a small town in the middle of nowhere are extremely limited. He’s tired. I’m tired. Everyone is hungry. Needless to say we ended up napping on chairs on the quad for an hour patiently waiting for our dinner reservation. After dinner with your family, it’s not atypical for your ability to lead a double life as a college student and your parents’ child to wear off. You and your parents know that as soon as you get back to your dorm that evening, you will be returning to your delinquent ways. This of course continues through the night and into the morning as you walk across campus in your going-out clothes that you fell asleep in on some random couch. 

The following morning, my parents wanted to meet up at 8:00, but I knew that was out of the question so we compromised with 9:00 instead. We went to breakfast at the same place we went to the morning before, as well as the last time they visited and the time before that. What can we say? We’re loyal customers. 

While entertaining your family in Lewisburg can pose as a bit of a challenge, it’s always good to see them and have one solid day of wholesome activity. I mean, considering our typical college student behavior on weekends, we all know we need it.

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