POV: the guy that you hooked up with once just asked you to his date party

Sarah Petnuch, Senior Writer

So we’re reaching the point in the semester where everyone has been out and about enough to know who they like, who their casual hookups are, who they want to hookup with and who to avoid at all costs. And we’ve all been there. Whether the guy was a horrible kisser, kept leaving the room every five minutes to vomit, or peed in your bed after you reluctantly agreed to let him sleepover, we have all gotten with someone that we will never, EVER, under ANY circumstances, get with again. Whether you ghosted him, or politely said that you didn’t see things going any further, you were able to cut contact and move on with your life. All is well. Until one day you see that little blue square come up on Snapchat with his name next to it. You do a double take. “I thought I got the point across to this man that I never want to be contacted by him again,” you think to yourself. You do the half-swipe to check what the message says without him knowing you read it, and witness to your cosmic horror the words “date party?”

Now you have a predicament on your hands. There is a course of action that has to be determined and taken. Do you just never answer? Answer but politely decline? Make fun of him on YikYak for asking? Swallow your pride and be his date? The possibilities of how to handle such a situation are endless. 

You decide to take the nice route and be his date. How bad can it be, right? You can go have fun with people and hey, maybe you’ll be able to get with one of his friends instead. As long as you can avoid being alone with this dude for more than 35 seconds at a time so you don’t have to make awkward conversation, you should be fine. 

Two days later and you find yourself at the date party… and you’re actually having a good time? He apologized for his flatulence problem (apparently he forgot he was lactose intolerant the night we hooked up, which sounds like cap, but whatever) and for leaving massive hickies on your neck that could be done by nothing other than a vacuum the night before you visited with your parents. The two of you were able to laugh it off and actually ended up having a really good time at the date party. In fact, by the end of the night, he ended up no longer being “the guy you hooked up with just once.”

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