Searching Into Shrooms

Morgan Levy, Contributing Writer

Content Warning: This article discusses a psychedelic substance in depth.

So, you want to talk about mushrooms. To preface, we aren’t talking about the type of mushrooms that you cook with. Rather, we are analyzing Psilocybin mushrooms, a psychedelic drug commonly referred to as shrooms and magic mushrooms. When mentioning this substance, many are already equipped with the schema that shrooms are drugs that cause hallucinations and an impaired perception of reality. The word “trip” is used as an umbrella term to describe the altered perceptions one undergoes when taking the drug. 

Magic mushrooms are notoriously classified as a recreational drug, meaning that it is used for leisure purposes rather than medicinal. Due to this reputation of pure recreation, many have never urged for its legalization. However, with the recent rise in popularity in shroom micro-dosing for mental health purposes, curiosity surrounding the substance has increased substantially. Micro-dosing refers to taking such a tiny amount that no hallucinations occur. In other words, taking the drug does not alter one’s state of consciousness. Those who engage in micro-dosing practices report having an increased ability to focus, alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD, while also achieving a state of increasing positivity and creativity.

The emergence of information regarding how micro-dosing can play a vital role in the treatment of various mental health conditions is quite revolutionary. Thus, it is probable to suggest that there should be increased funding towards research of psilocybin mushrooms in order to learn how the drug can be of assistance in mental health treatment. It’s reasonable to conclude that the increasing research of other drugs, such as marijuana, commonly viewed as purely recreational has led many to wonder about the effects of substances in other drug classes.

Currently, the legality status of magic mushrooms is quite consistent across the United States, meaning that most states have deemed the possession of the substance as illegal. However, the passage of The Public Health Benefits of Psilocybin Act (HB 1959) would fund research into the use of psilocybin for mental health conditions.

Julianne Keu shared her experience with micro-dosing in her YouTube video titled “Microdosing Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin)- My Story.”  Keu addressed in her video that she has used various medications to treat her CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder), however, none of them aided her condition the way that shrooms did. She noted that she noticed the positive benefits of micro-dosing almost immediately. Specifically, Keu attributed shrooms to helping her gain a sense of the world around her and to figuring out feasible solutions to problems. Also, she noticed that her social anxiety began to dissipate and her general energy level began to increase. Keu also strongly emphasized in her video that micro-dosing is not a technique that works for everyone, so it is wise to micro-dose under the supervision of a medical team. It is the experiences of micro-dosers that truly exhibit the medicinal components of magic mushrooms. 

 I am advocating for the increased allocation of funds to studying magic mushrooms so we, as an educated society, can gain a firm understanding of this drug and its effects (both positive and negative). The psychedelic properties of this drug can lead to one experiencing a bad trip, which entails that the hallucinations one undergoes are fearful and there is an increased frequency of unpleasant thoughts and anxieties. Oftentimes, this is most likely to occur when one takes an improper dose of shrooms whilst being in a bad mental place or setting. Equipped with this knowledge, it is extremely important to consult your doctor before micro-dosing to ensure that your experience is beneficial rather than harmful. Working with a Therapeutic Psychedelic Experience center can allow professionals to assist in monitoring your medicinal journey with psychedelics. For instance, in Pennsylvania, the Psychedelic Passage institutions offer five week long programs that coach you in commencing the process of psychedelic journeying.

Modern medicine is constantly evolving, thus, it is vital that funds are allocated into researching the effects of substances and if they have the potential to aid health conditions that are a constant threat to humanity. 

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