BSG Vice President of Administration steps down


Sienna Williams / The Bucknellian

Sal Iovino, Digital Managing Editor

Nearly two weeks have passed since now-former Bucknell Student Government Vice President of Administration Lena DiFazio ’24 stepped down from her position. DiFazio is being replaced by Christine Ajao ’25.

In regards to her step down, DiFazio provided the following comment to the Bucknellian:  “My choice to resign was a result of the strenuous academic schedule I have this semester in preparation for my post graduate studies as well as my commitment to the Bucknell Dance Company on scholarship.”

In the wake of several weeks of turmoil and turnover within BSG, DiFazio’s resignation is the latest in a series of students leaving the organization throughout February.

“Accountability is important, and I’m glad to see that BSG upholds the standards it claims are central to its operation,” Class of 2023 President Nabeel Jan said, when asked for a comment on the turnover in BSG, particularly pertaining to DiFazio’s resignation.

Jan’s claim regarding accountability largely echoes the statements of former class of 2025 President Gabby Diaz, who cited the lack of accountability within not only BSG but within administration and oversight of the organization as central reasons for her resignation.  

It is uncertain whether the trend of turnover within the organization will continue to occur through the upcoming weeks and months, however, BSG as an organization continues to deliver its regular student programming. Various sources within the organization have made comments emphasizing that students voices are heard and that initiatives are in place to address the concerns of the student body.

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