Gender in the workplace: She Said

By Nicole Della Cava

Contributing Writer

Famous comedians that humor and impress viewers are now, more than ever, females. Big hosts such as Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler and Tina Fey stun viewers and prove that comedy is not just for men.

New actresses and comedians have emerged with more energy than ever before. In the 2012 Golden Globe Awards, females took the lead in several movies that were nominated for Best Comedy or Musical Motion Picture. In particular, Kristen Wiig’s remarkable performance in “Bridesmaids” took Hollywood by surprise. Wiig is known for her incredible work on Saturday Night Live and continues to premier in top movies and TV programs.

The witty and powerful women today begin to change the way the media portrays females. As women show the public that they can hold their own talk shows or star in the best comedies of the year, gender roles continue to diminish in the workplace. The media has always portrayed women as beautiful and affectionate; however, women should not be restricted by these characteristics. Comedy is no longer portrayed as a job only acceptable for men and I feel that as I approach graduation within the next few years, my career options are unlimited, even as a woman. I have the option of taking on any job that a man can.

Although women can hold the same job positions as men, I think that men treat women differently and do not give them as much responsibility. Men still occupy the majority of leadership positions, and it is proven that men receive a higher salary than women do. Not that men are more qualified or more diligent than women are, but gender roles are definitely still in existence. Beginning in childhood, boys and girls are taught social norms and gender roles that used to be so widely accepted. Such an example is that women should be married and stay home with the children. Although women have come a long way to prove that they can be just as successful and as well-rounded as men, the gender roles have been continuously decreasing. Recently, men are taking more responsibility for cooking, cleaning and childcare. If there is a child at home, one of the parents must sacrifice at least some of his or her job and be a good parent. Almost always, women surrendered their job for children. The social dynamic has changed drastically and more women today stick with an occupation. While women change the entertainment world and become top comedians, men have also learned how to take on other responsibilities in the home. Women still need to make large strides to overcome the gender roles in order to be accepted as equally competitive in the workplace.

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