Love can be found outside University

By Jasmine King

Contributing Writer

The “BucknellU” Facebook page has started posting an abundance of pictures under the album titled, “Bucknell in Love.” Of course, being the avid Facebook user that I am, I sign on to see at least one new picture a day of cute couples who both attended the University. The various techniques used in each set of pictures and the very attractive people standing in front of our own Rooke Chapel makes you wonder: why would a student not want this for the rest of their lives? College is a place where people can be themselves and be accepted for who they really are; it is no surprise that a lot of students find “true love” here. Not to mention that we are secluded in the “Bucknell Bubble,” making it hard to extend our outlooks anyway. Seeing all of the couples walking around campus, being with someone for the next four years, having fun with their mates here at the University and all of the myths surrounding the concept of “Bucknell in Love” (for example, if you sit on the stone benches in the quad and watch the sunset with someone, you will marry them), a student could feel pressured to find a fellow classmate to spend their life with.

For this writer, this is not the case. I do not feel pressured at all to find a fellow student to serve as my soul mate. In my opinion, it is all overrated anyway. I have been dating the same guy for a little over five years now and he currently attends Penn State. From this, I feel no pressure to find another boy to fill the void. It is possible to find a guy who is not of the same “breed” as that of a University student. But this is overshadowed, as the students here are very similar in the way that they act, dress and their interests in general. To be sucked into our culture is a very easy thing to do and then your entire life revolves around the University. But, then again, true love does not care which school you graduate from or even if you went to school. Students should love whom they want and not worry about the label that comes with it. Most importantly, be happy with the person you have, whether it’s a fellow Bucknellian or your best friend.

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