Kappa Sigma and 23 University Ave. raided by Public Safety

Jenni Whalen

Staff Writer

At around 1 p.m. this afternoon, Public Safety officers set off the fire alarm in Kappa Sigma Fraternity. All fraternity members were instructed to leave the house on the premise that the officers were conducting University searches. The house at 23 University Avenue was also raided in the same fashion.

In addition to Public Safety officers, officers from the Lewisburg Police Department also arrived at the scene with specially trained drug dogs. Kappa Sigma members assume that this raid occurred because officers were searching for illegal substances and drug paraphernalia, although none can be sure because the three-hour search was conducted while the members were cleared out of the house.

“At 1:00 p.m. today, members of the University and local law enforcement searched 23 University Avenue and Kappa Sigma Fraternity based on an ongoing investigation of illicit drug use and seizure of contraband,” dean of students Susan Lantz said in an email sent out to the parents of all residents. “The University is concerned about the health and safety of our students and our community, which is why we decided to investigate further today.”

At this moment in time, no student arrests have been made.


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