Registrar offers new IP classes

By Daniel Park


Beginning in fall 2012, the University will offer students the opportunity to take four Integrated Perspectives (IP) courses. The uniqueness of the IP courses comes from the fact that each course will be taught by two professors from different fields ranging from English to economics. The goal is for this to foster interdisciplinary dialogue among students and teachers on a myriad of different topics.

The four courses that will be offered are The Effect of Digital Technologies, Communicating Across Cultures, Environmental Humanities in “Susquehanna Country” and Art Religion and Politics in Tudor England. These courses are a combination of several different fields such as philosophy, art, literature, culture and linguistics.

The courses are meant to holistically focus on student awareness of surroundings and diverse culture to ultimately evoke a broader perspective of society. Students will hopefully gain a better understanding of the world around them and be exposed to stimulating ideas.

“The topics of these courses offered definitely pique my interest, and if the courses were to fill a few of my requirements I would have no hesitation in taking the IP electives,” Jonathan Lucas ’15 said.

The general response to the offered IP courses was enthusiastic, and several students from a wide range of majors were already considering taking one of the four IP courses next semester.

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