SNL's finest to grace Sojka lawn

Daniel Park

Kenan Thompson, well-known for his eclectic roles in various comedy works such as “All That,” “Saturday Night Live” and “Fat Albert,” will be coming to the University for a night of comedy and entertainment on Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. on Sojka Lawn. The event was made possible by the cooperation between Bucknell Student Government (BSG) and Activities and Campus Events (ACE).

A survey was posted on myBucknell during the spring of 2012 to determine who students wanted to see most on campus at Center Stage. The survey provided different artists, including Thompson, Wanda Sykes and various actors from “The Office.” Of the 400 responses from the survey, approximately half favored Thompson to come to the University during this fall.

Even with the comedian’s packed schedule, ACE arranged for Thompson to visit in the following month.

“We were lucky; Kenan is currently high in demand and he only had three open dates available. His filming in not only Saturday Night Live, but various other shows made it nearly impossible for him to visit. But luckily his agents were cooperative in setting up a date for his visit,” Callie Frieler, assistant director of Campus Activities and Programming, said.

Many students already made plans to attend the event with friends and when questioned, all of them replied that he was enjoyable to watch on television.

“I don’t usually attend events hosted by ACE often, but I really plan on going to watch Kenan a month from now. I’ve seen him on television a couple of times and he seems interesting,” Dozy Onujuju ’15 said.

The bustling atmosphere on campus and stereotypically overwhelming environment of the first week of school has pushed students to look for a way to relax, have fun with friends and laugh.

“This would be a good opportunity for my friends and I to meet and enjoy Kenan perform on stage with his hilarious jokes, and best of all free food!” Erica Gaugler ’15 said.

Though the event is scheduled about a month from now, many students on campus are already aware of Kenan’s arrival on Aug. 29. As classes will be in full swing by then and life returned to the daily grind, students are already eagerly awaiting plenty of laughs and much more.

“This will be one of the few major events that will be on campus this year and I don’t plan on missing this event,” Adam Walsh ’15 said.

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