Drinking overwhelms University


Ben Kaufman | The Bucknellian

El McCabe

Contributing Writer

“Work hard, party hard” is the perfect motto for the campus community. It’s important to remember that the University was not only rated the 29th best National Liberal Arts College, but also the 7th best party school this past year. On weeknights, students buckle down and tackle hours of homework, but every Friday, Saturday and oddly enough, Wednesday, students dance and drink their worries away, often haphazardly. In an environment such as Lewisburg with not much to do, drinking becomes the go-to way to ensure a “good time,” or in the very least, ensure that something “interesting” happens in the minds of many students.

Personally, I find it almost impossible to escape the heavy drinking culture on campus. There is always some kind of drama associated with party-goers, whether it is that one friend who had too much to drink and needs to be taken care of or being woken up by the influx of drunken party-goers returning from their respective nights out.

Here, drinking is never just a chill night with your friends, and the extent to which students party is dangerous and definitely overwhelming. The heavy drinking culture creates a domino effect on social life and your party habits essentially decide who your friends are.

Now, while it is expected that others will drink in college, I believe the University’s party culture takes “the college experience” a step too far. It is not uncommon for Public Safety to have to be called on weekends here or to hook up with a total stranger and forget it ever happened. Some students would argue that these occurrences are all part of having a good time and as long as no one gets seriously injured, there is nothing to worry about.

But I ask you, where is the line? When do you realize your limits and take into account the long-term effects of your actions on your academic/social standing? Only time will reveal the answers to these questions, and as our four years at this University go on, each answer will be different for everyone.

My best is advice is to avoid doing things you are not comfortable with and take care of yourself. Trust me, you can have fun and go out without a trip to the emergency room, and staying safe will ensure many more fun nights to come.

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