Avicii cancels concert

Sara Blair Matthews
News Editor

As many students know, Avicii cancelled his performance on Sunday Sept. 30 for health reasons. He released a statement on his facebook page saying, “Unfortunately I had to reschedule my gig at Bucknell University as you may have already heard. I’m so sorry to let you guys down but I have cleared my schedule for Halloween weekend which seems to suit you guys, I will make it up to your school that’s a real promise and you’ll see what I mean. See you soon.” Concert Committee has confirmed that Avicii will be coming to campus on October 30th, and the concert will be held from 7:30-9:30. Previously purchased tickets for this event are still valid, and students will also be able to get refunds. Possible reimbursement for the stage and sound equipment is still being finalized, and Concert Committee does not have a definite answer at the time of press.

The Concert Committee Chair, Zack Beltran ’13, recently released a statement on behalf of the Committee. “The Concert Committee at Bucknell consistently seeks to provide the best concert experience for Bucknell students, friends, and the community. Throughout the semester, we put in many hours advertising and deciding on artists, but perhaps the biggest commitment is the weekend of the show. When we found out Avicii was cancelled, we were extremely disappointed as we were nearing the completion of the stage and most of production. Immediately following the news, we had to work on finding a feasible and prompt solution as well as tear down all of the stage, equipment, lighting, and production.

While the cancellation was a definite disappointment for the campus, we were happy to be able to reschedule the concert. We hope that having it the night before Halloween will be a great experience for students and that having the concert after midterms will be easier on students’ workloads. Further, students who were not able to get a ticket will now be able to do so. We think that hosting Avicii will still be amazing and anticipate that the campus will respond well. Further, we hope the campus respects the work put into the event by the school and the committee in particular and acknowledges the complexities surrounding hosting such a large event. We’re looking forward to an amazing fall concert and can’t wait to see everyone on Oct. 30.”

For some, Avicii’s cancellation was a positive event.  Lexie Leone ’14 said,  “Frankly, I cannot believe a university so focused on improving campus climate would agree to hold a concert which is so enmeshed in the drug culture. I was relieved when I heard about the cancellation because I am afraid of the medical and disciplinary repercussions that will undoubtedly occur post-Avicii.”

Others were surprised that this highly anticipated event was cancelled on such a short notice.  “Shocking! I thought it was a joke, didn’t think that that could actually happen!” Melissa Fox ’13, President of ACE, said.

“It was an unfortunate sickness, but it happens. We should be glad that he rescheduled because he didn’t have to,” said Raffi Berberian ’14.

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