Downtown house catches fire

Siobhan Murray

Staff Writer

A fire that occurred in an upstairs bathroom of 43 South Sixth Street at 1 a.m. on March 23 has displaced several students and still has no known cause.

A group of senior students reside in the house and were at home with guests at the time of the incident. According to one of the residents, when the fire started in a second floor bathroom, two guests turned on the shower and extinguished a lot of the fire. The members of Lewisburg’s William Cameron Engine Company provided additional extinguishment when they arrived at the scene.

“After some dialog with the residents of the home, we still could not determine a cause of the fire,” Chief Stephen Bolinsky of the William Cameron Engine Company said.

“We believe it started in the ceiling or the wall,” one resident said. “No candles, straighteners or cigarettes were involved.”

According to a resident, the upstairs bathroom is “nearly destroyed” and the upstairs area is covered in soot and smells strongly of smoke. The residents are living elsewhere until the house is clean and suitable for living again.

“Anytime there’s a fire, we work closely with students to accommodate their living situations after the incidents,” Dean of Students Susan Lantz said. According to Lantz, there is an on-call system to aid students after incidents like fires.

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