Allen Tran is one of the University's most valued professors

El McCabe

Senior Writer

Allen Tran, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, is the ideal University professor. His cultural anthropology class is well-structured, yet leaves room for the unexpected. He makes sure to integrate weekly videos that capture the interesting and eclectic cultures of other civilizations, which provide a welcome respite from lecture-style teaching. His teaching style is laid-back and his homework load is neither overwhelming nor pointless. He is not afraid to wear really cool, colored pants or let students out a few minutes early. 

Despite all these wonderful aspects of Tran and his teaching, his best characteristic is definitely his personality. Tran is extremely approachable and a funny guy. Not one class goes by without everyone laughing at his jokes. He manages to maintain his authority as a professor and connect with his students simultaneously, which is certainly an impressive feat not many professors can accomplish. He is also willing to help you study for tests and provide feedback on papers before they are due. It is clear that Tran wants his students to succeed and does everything in his power to provide his students with the tools necessary to do well.

Overall, he is just a very fun and down-to-earth professor. I promise you that if you take a class with him you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for an interesting professor who teaches interesting courses, Tran is the clear choice! After hearing all that, who wouldn’t want to take a class with the man, Tran?

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