Trend Report

Trend Report: Spring Skirts

By Kate Jansen

The weather this past week has been completely uplifting. Not only can we finally shed our winter blues and thick leggings, but we can also start to appreciate spring fashion in full-force. I present to you the three skirts to keep in your wardrobe this spring season:

Lace: Lace skirts are flirty, chic and so spring. They are my favorite bottoms this season because they give any look a flowery, fun makeover. Try pairing neutral lace skirts with brightly colored V-necks or tank tops. These skirts can be dressed up with leather oxfords and statement necklaces, or dressed down with simple sandals and an oversized watch.

Printed: I love anything and everything with a fun, wild or exotic print. This season, I’ve kept my eye on polka dot and floral-printed skirts. These skirts can be paired with a variety of tops: for a more fashion-daring look, try pairing a mini polka-dotted skirt with a horizontally striped tank. I also think that floral skirts go well with jean button-downs, crochet tops or jean vests.

Maxi: When I saw the maxi skirt appear on the shelves of Urban Outfitters last summer, I thought that the fad wouldn’t last, but maxi skirts (and dresses, for that matter) have certainly grown on me. Maxi skirts are great because they add an illusion of height and thinness to anyone who wears them. I personally like maxi skirts in bold and neutral colors, although I have seen quite a few floral and striped skirts that I have loved. These bottoms go great with neon tanks, statement jewelry and simple neutral sandals.

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