Froyo at the Bison

Ethan Zubkoff Contributing Writer

William M. Fierman News Editor

Bucknell Student Government (BSG) will vote on a measure on April 28 that would help bring frozen yogurt, otherwise known as “froyo,” to the Bison dining area in the Elaine Langone Center as early as this summer.

The measure would allocate $15,000 for the purchase of new furniture and renovations to area of the Bison currently occupied by booths under the condition that the University provide the cash needed for bringing frozen yogurt to the Bison. University administration has shown willingness to fund the large refrigeration equipment required, and approached the BSG Executive Board two weeks ago requesting that they contribute funds for the project, BSG President Loren Jablon ’15 said.

The large equipment would occupy the elevated stage area in the Bison. Assuming approval by the BSG congress, installation of the equipment and renovations of other areas of the Bison could begin this summer.

“The froyo initiative is very likely to pass … provided there are no financial issues,” Class Representative Mike Schwartz ’16 said.

Talk of bringing frozen yogurt to campus has existed since at least 2010, when former Vice President of Operations Ali Jones ’11 initiated the discussion among the Student Affairs Committee. The initiative has been discussed by almost every student government since, though the large price tags of the required equipment as well as maintenance costs have continuously posed a problem.

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