New director of Residential Education changing RA program

Gigi Flynn

Contributing Writer

Josh Hartman has become the new director of residential education at the University this year.

Previously, Hartman worked in residential life at New York University, Dartmouth College, and George Washington University. Hartman said he was drawn to the University by President John Bravman’s leadership.

Hartman’s role is in part to oversee the Residential Assistant (RA) program on campus.

“My job is not a one person position,” Hartman said.

Hartman wants to give RAs budgets to plan more events for their halls. Events such as Swartz Sports and the Gateway BBQ were held in the past few weeks.

Hartman will also oversee changes to the residential landscape of campus caused by new residential buildings, the first of which are slated to open in 2015.

“We want to promote independent living,” Hartman said.

At the beginning of the semester Hartman created an RA council. The council is made up of two RAs from every part of campus and meets every two weeks to discuss issues in residential halls as well as events that they hope to execute.

“I want to learn the culture and the students here at Bucknell,” Hartman said.

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