Sham-rock: Dublin Guitar Quartet pays special visit to Campus Theatre

El McCabe , Opinions Editor

The Dublin Guitar Quartet performed a unique blend of “new age,” classical, and chamber music by contrasting the types of sounds produced from the same four instruments at the Campus Theatre on March 26. The Weis Center for the Performing Arts sponsored this event and provided free admission to attendees.

The Dublin Guitar Quartet is internationally renowned for its skills in creating captivating original pieces as well as revamping the classics. The Quartet has played in Ireland, Canada, the United States, and various other countries since its inception.

The Quartet’s members, Brian Bolger, Pat Brunnock, Dave Creevy, and Tomas O’Durcain, have had a lot of experience writing, performing, and transforming music. During its performance at the Weis Center, the group played flawlessly with one another to create a soothing, yet powerful melody in each set. While the blend of the eight-string and 11-string guitars was harmonic most of the time, the guitars occassionally created heavy and dramatic crescendos.

“The concert was a nice of mix of different styles performed by instruments I haven’t really heard before,” Rachel Hazleton ’15 said.

The Dublin Guitar Quartet was enjoyed by all ages and opened up the campus community and Lewisburg residents to new musical perspectives.

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