Letter to the Editor

Sarah Bell, Staff Member

To the editor,

At the speak out for Ferguson on Wednesday, Sept. 10, members of our Bucknell community shared honest and emotional reactions to the recent, but not latest, police shooting of an unarmed black teenager. Given how long and how often this has been happening in our country, there was a real and urgent need expressed by several for substantial change in our system.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, if you don’t feel less safe every time one of these incidents occur, if you don’t understand why people continue to be so angry and frustrated about incidents like the one that happened in Ferguson, I ask you to take some time and reflect on why that may be the case. And I ask you to be open and listen to the experiences of our fellow students, faculty, staff, and parents in our community. We need more people paying attention in order for change to occur. We need all of us to hear and see what is going on.

Sarah Bell

Staff Member

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