Murder Mystery

Mae-Emlyn Currie, Contributing Writer

Activities and Campus Events (ACE) hosted an improvised Murder Mystery themed gathering on Oct. 3 in the Terrace Room of the Elaine Langone Center. University students had their IDs scanned, were given new identities, and were transported to the past. Notepads, pens, and interrogation sheets were also distributed. Tables were decorated with fedora hats, feathery boas, beaded necklaces, and counterfeit diamonds.

The year was 1921 and the location was a cocktail party. Dinner guests laughed and socialized while filling their stomachs with food and drink and questioning one another, distinguishing those who revealed suspicious characteristics from those who did not. Not long after the party had commenced, a scream rung out.

A girl rushed in from another room, sobbing while loudly declaring that Bucky the Bison had been murdered. Everyone gasped as two detectives stepped forward, announcing that they would be in charge of the investigation. Furthermore, they proclaimed that no one was to leave the room because the murderer was still in the building.

“In fact, the murderer is in this very room at this very moment!” one of the detectives said.

Several possible murder weapons were brainstormed. They included a bar of soap, lemon juice, and a starfish. The detectives interviewed many party guests, and the guests shared who they thought would be capable of murder.

Finally, three girls with striped shirts were selected along with Alex the Cobra. They were given the name the Stripes Gang. Three girls and one boy in black attire were chosen to be the Cat Killers, the rival gang of the Stripes Gang. Next, each gang was asked to speak one word each when responding to various, random questions.

After the questionnaire, a member from each group participated in a Scat Battle, Rock Paper Scissors, Two Truths and a Lie, and other activities, so every member had a chance to not be considered a suspect. Once those members sat down, new guests were recruited to engage in the mystery.

Eventually, three people remained: Archer Starfish, Dr. Quinn, and Flapper Zero. Audience members were asked to create scenarios about what they thought happened to Bucky on the back of their interrogation sheets. Whoever wrote the winning scenario along with the guilty person involved would win a prize. Once the interrogation sheets were collected, one of the detectives left to review them. In his absence, courtroom members were selected for the trial: a judge, a bailiff, a court reporter, and a clerk.

The detective returned, and the chosen scenario stated that Archer Starfish murdered Bucky the Bison, and the case was closed.

“The guys from the comedy club were both professional, funny, and spontaneous though it was improvised,” Max Fathauer ’18 said.

Guests at the event seemed to enjoy the adventurous event.

“My favorite part was meeting all the people. With all the questions they gave you, it was more like a prompt to meet new people,” Leo Orozco ’18 said.

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