Executive interns assist administration

Hunter Campbell, Staff Writer

Many students may be unaware that 12 of their peers are integral members of the University’s administration. These 12 students are a part of the Undergraduate Executive Internship Program, which seeks talented and motivated sophomores, juniors, and seniors to work with administrators and different campus departments on various University projects and plans. Interns are placed in certain campus departments, and each intern works both with his or her specific department as well as with fellow interns on large-scale campus projects.


“We work as student liaisons and get to attend many luncheons with faculty members, including President Bravman. As an intern, I am privy to certain information about University programs,” Executive Intern Ali Napoli ’15 said.


Dean of Students Susan Lantz is in her second year as the program’s advisor.


“Having talented Bucknell students assist with important projects has been very effective.  I meet weekly with my interns, discussing their work and reviewing progress,” Lantz said.


One of the Executive Internship Program’s most well-known and noteworthy events of the year was the “Back Up the Bison” tailgate last November, which the interns had a major part in organizing. The event was the first campus-wide tailgate in the last decade, and over one-third of the student population was in attendance.


Executive Intern Jared Lowenthal ’15 said planning the event was one of his favorite aspects of the program thus far.


“The experience allowed me to work with the Dean of Students, Department of Athletics, and the other interns to plan an event that would increase student attendance at athletic events and hopefully serve as an example of how the school can work with students to create healthy social situations,” Lowenthal said.


While the interns work on various events and projects, their combined mission is to make the University an even better school than it is today for students, faculty, and alumni alike.


“I’ve been able to build relationships between the administration and students, received access to numerous community and alumni networking opportunities, and gained insight into higher educational functions and operations, all while supporting the University’s mission and goals,” Executive Intern Arriana Sajjad ’15 said.


The program boasts benefits for both the campus community and the interns themselves.


“I’ve become much more involved and have gotten to see my own writing on the Bucknell website! It’s truly an honor, and I’ve made great friendships with my fellow interns during the process,” Napoli said.


Students may apply to the Executive Internship Program on The Bridge. Applications are accepted until Feb23. For any questions about the application process, students may contact Jen Lassen ’15 at [email protected].

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