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 Name: Nathand Carter ’19
Hometown: Redondo Beach, Calif.
Major/Minor: Undecided (Possibly on the international relations track)
Favorite Orientation activity/memory: I absolutely loved the Color Games, but Matriculation was really amazing.
Why Bucknell? Bucknell is a beautiful school. Nobody at home knew about it, so I felt it would be a good change of pace. Plus the Posse Foundation gave me a scholarship to be here, so it was the best option for me!
Name: Nir Aish ’19
Hometown: Tel-Aviv (Israel)

Managing for Sustainability 

Favorite Orientation activity/memory: 
Color Games

Why Bucknell? 
The squirrels!
Name: Harper Stewart ’19
Hometown: Rochester, N.Y. (Penfield)
Major/Minor: Undecided Engineering
Favorite Orientation activity/memory:Having dinner by the Christy Mathewson Gates on the last night. I thought it was amazing to see how so many different groups of people had bonded in such a short period of time.Why Bucknell? The great engineering school, track program, and sense of community. The academics and athletics at Bucknell are amazing but the people here are what have made me feel confident that I will never regret my decision. 
Name: Andrew Gray ’19
Hometown: Manhasset, N.Y.
Major/Minor: Computer Science & Engineering
Favorite Orientation activity/memory: Learning that one of my OAs knows my brother and that my other OA is in the same Calculus class as me. Shoutout to Chuck and Mel.
Why Bucknell? I’ve been wanting to go to Bucknell since the eighth grade. I am a double legacy here and my parents took me to homecoming that year. I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Kesha and B.o.B concert. Not only was I front row but I touched both of their hands. Also the cafeteria food is on point.
Name: Joseph Tyler DiBartolo ’19
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Major/Minor: Computer Science & Engineering
Favorite Orientation activity/memory: Icebreakers on the first day; We were all so hesitant to share any details about ourselves, but Reid and Elias slowly led us out of our comfort zones and now our hall is a tightly-knit family.
Why Bucknell? I was captivated by the school-wide emphasis on innovation and doing that is especially present in the College of Engineering. Also, there were a ton of activities and clubs, especially Campus Vinyl and the Bison Chips, that gave me even more reasons to be a Bucknellian!
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