Editorial: Breaking the Rhythm

As college students, a large part of our transition from high school is the ability to create an organized schedule, one that aids us in attending classes and campus jobs, finishing homework, sending out applications, and participating in organizations. We often get caught up in this constant rhythm of work from one week to the next due to the way we categorize our tasks. This often leaves us with little time for breaks or other enjoyable activities.

This week we have an article regarding the CLIMBucknell Challenge Course. Outdoor activities are refreshing and enjoyable, and provide a break from busy schedules. In the midst of a busy week, you can set time aside in your schedule to hike or canoe with friends, to help break out of the repetitive rhythm of classes, clubs, and work.

If you are not the type of person who enjoys outdoor activities, that shouldn’t limit you from taking periodic breaks to be with friends or hall mates, whether these breaks last for 20 minutes or three hours. Stress relief is a vital component of breaking out of these habitual tendencies, and will actually help your studies in the long run.

While parties tend to be a weekend focus on most college campuses, you shouldn’t fear missing out if you decide to do other activities with friends on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. These activities do not need to be limited to the weekend either. Students are often working for the weekend, but that doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy the week too.

A Letter to the Editor submitted to The Bucknellian by Pete Macky ’70 was printed in our fourth issue of this semester. It listed many activities in Lewisburg and the surrounding areas that can be taken advantage of. The University’s Outdoor Education & Leadership Program can connect you to many opportunities as well.

The final thought we want to leave you with returns to this idea of breaking out of your rhythm. Creating a schedule and organizing our thoughts can be one of the most important things for college students when it comes to effectively completing our work and responsibilities. That does not mean that we are not allowed to stray from that schedule when we need to. Breaking out of our rhythms and habitual tendencies can result in some of the best college experiences.

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