Editorial – Innovation and entrepreneurship

Students receive many opportunities when they begin their college experiences, including the resources to transform their ideas into reality. For people with ideas for innovative products or technologies, help is at the edge of  their fingertips with groups such as the University’s Small Business Development Center offering assistance. This is the time for students who are interested in entrepreneurship to start exploring their interests and ideas as much as possible.

BizPitch 2015  drew 72 student participants, an all-time high for the four-year competition. With events like BizPitch, we can see the collaborative nature of entrepreneurship in action. Just because you have an idea and have not discussed it with anyone yet doesn’t mean you have to create it alone. Collaboration is a vital part of innovation and will help students prepare to work in these types of teams in the future.

There has been a nationwide uptick in entrepreneurship on college campuses, and that movement doesn’t seem to be losing momentum. College students have been able to directly apply what they’ve learned in their classes to their own projects.

A lack of initial revenue or what seems like a lack of time shouldn’t stop these ideas from being put into action. The process from idea to reality is in itself a helpful experience; if your idea becomes a small business in any capacity, that is just an extra benefit.

What unifies everything that has been discussed thus far is passion. None of this would be possible if these students did not demonstrate the passion for making their ventures successful. That drive, motivation, and love for the idea is what pushes its creators to pursue it, and that reasoning should govern the startup of any small company.

What is it that our generation can do? Well, our livelihoods are changing at a pace we cannot predict—we certainly won’t know what to expect in five years when it comes to technology and other products that all will have stemmed from one idea in a single person’s mind. We have the power to help propel that progress, and there is no better place or time to follow our passions than now.

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