Student Org Spotlight: Fire & Ice

Caitlin Maloney, Staff Writer

The University boasts many student publications, and each one has an important role in providing the community spaces for expression and platforms to disseminate different types of content. As one of these student publications, the Fire & Ice Literary Arts Magazine serves a unique purpose.

The magazine “[exposes] and [showcases] artistic and literary endeavors of the Bucknell community in an annual publication,” Fire & Ice Literary Arts Magazine President Matt Whitstock ’16 said.

The magazine features diverse submissions ranging from poetry, prose, and short stories to photography, drawings, paintings, digital media, collages, and pictures of sculptures. Whitstock said that the editing team recently started accepting music submissions for its new CD.

Besides releasing a publication of the magazine every year, Whitstock said that the organization has made great strides in “increasing the number of submissions we get on an annual basis as well as the size and quality of the magazine.”

To achieve this, the magazine was switched from a thin paperbound magazine to a large, glossy magazine. In addition to lengthening the most recent magazine to 82 pages, this change also ensures more room for the larger influx of submissions.

Anyone interested in submitting a piece or getting involved can attend meetings in Coleman 120 on Wednesday evenings from 5-6 p.m.

Whitstock said that two goals of the magazine are to continue increasing the number of submissions and to enter the publication in national contests.

“[We want] to showcase our work on a national stage and prove that our magazine is capable of winning awards,” Whitstock said.

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