Nothing to lose: Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico and what it means

Harry Morris, Contributing Writer

President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may seem like they have nothing in common, but they actually have one large common factor: they are both down in the polls and have nothing to lose. Nieto’s approval rating is at a scathing 23 percent, while Trump still has a 3.1 percent loss to Clinton according to RealClearPolitics. So why would these two leaders bother to meet?

Nieto’s biggest issues in Mexico are his constant media blunders and his multiple housing scandals. Trump’s biggest issue in the United States is the doubt of his potential character and temperament as president. This meeting was a chance for both of these men to prove their competence and strength among other world leaders, but there was only one clear winner in this meeting.

Trump and Nieto met on Aug. 31 in Mexico City. The press conference immediately after the meeting was full of mutual respect and admiration. They pleasantly agreed to disagree on some issues, but they showed common interest in possibly reworking NAFTA to greater benefit both countries. After that press conference, though, it was clear that Trump lost. Trump said they had not discussed who would pay for the wall, and that it will be discussed when he is elected. Nieto quickly refuted this claim, saying that in the beginning of the meeting he laid out that Mexico would not pay for the wall.

For a presidential candidate whose campaign is based partly on Mexico paying for a border wall, and a man who is consistently loosening up and backing out on his policies, this is an embarrassment. Trump has backed out on nearly all his campaign’s most dramatic promises. The banning of all Muslims is now just a “suggestion.” Deporting all of the illegal immigrants in the United States is replaced by “legal status for some.” Not only did Trump fail to negotiate the payment of the wall, but he also referred to the wall in a press conference as a “physical barrier or wall.” Is he even softening on the idea of his big, beautiful wall? Whether you love their policies or not, a president has to be consistent in what they believes and promises. Trump, so far, cannot even stay consistent on his most infamous policy.

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