The List: 8 ways to make the University a better place

Julia Friedman, Special Features Layout Editor

1. Gather up all unattended items at the library and turn them in to the Switchboard! Someone will be so happy to have their stuff returned to them.

2. Hold the door for everyone, even at that awkward distance where you have to wait just a few seconds too long and the other person has to sprint.

3. Take all of the utensils out of the holders in the Bison and recycle them. ~Reduce~Reuse~Recycle~

4. Invite the person at the end of the Flyson line to stand in front with you—only if they buy your nacho tots.

5.  Gather all the stray cats on campus and run an adoption shelter out of your mod.

6. Open every campus mailbox because no one knows how. It’ll save your peers a great deal of time and effort.

7. Spend your Sunday mornings noisily picking up all the trash in the backyards of downtown houses—their residents will surely thank you.

8. Pick up a plate from the egg bar and go find who it belongs to–auctioneer style. (I have three eggs with bacon and two types of cheese! Going once! Going twice! Sold!)

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