Beyond the Bison: A legendary World Series match-up

Isabelle Hinckley, Senior Writer

On Oct. 22, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers, advancing the Cubs to the World Series for the first time since 1945. They are now going head to head with the Cleveland Indians. Whatever the outcome, this is destined to be one of the most historical World Series of all time. But why is this game so legendary, after all? It’s been 108 years since the Cubs won a World Series crown, and 68 years since the Indians saw victory. You couldn’t choose two teams with longer title droughts than the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians.

Over 600 miles away in Lewisburg, Pa., the excitement surrounding this historic game can still be felt. University students make known their identity as either a Cubs enthusiast or Indians devotee, while the rest of us scramble to pick a side before the big game. If you find yourself in the middle like me, here’s an interesting fact that might sway you.

Kyle Schwarber, left fielder and catcher for the Chicago Cubs, actually played against the Bison back in March 2013 while attending Indiana University. Schwarber is now the designated hitter for the Cubs during the 2016 World Series game. Bison baseball players of the most recent graduating class were first-years at the time, and can still recall this epic game against Schwarber. It has become, in a sense, baseball team folklore. Danny Rafferty ’17 informed me that Schwarber hit a home run off of alum Max Kra ’16 that “has not yet landed.”

Joe Ogren ’16 was playing right field as Schwarber stepped up to bat in the first inning. Several years later, Ogren can still recall Schwarber’s greatness.

“The ball was hit so hard I didn’t even move, I just watched it go. I thought to myself, this must be the best hitter I have ever played against, and four years later he’s playing in for the Cubs in the World Series,” Ogren said.

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