The List: Things to do instead of getting a summer job or internship


Madeline Diamond & Courtney Wren, Senior Editor & Satire Editor

1.Go to a ranch in Montana.

  1. Breed geckos.

  2. Perfect your own Amami sriracha mayo recipe.

  3. Reconnect with your best friend from elementary school.

  4. Teach yourself how to code.

  5. Knit a sweater for your mom.

  6. Go through every item in your local Forever 21’s clearance bin.

  7. Read the dictionary.

  8. Check out the competition at your local skate park.

  9. Go through your entire unread inbox.

  10. Write a letter to Vine begging them to come back.

  11. Join a recreational kickball team.

  12. Grow your own pistachios.

  13. Wander the streets of New York City in an attempt to be featured on Humans of New York.

  14. Paint your nails a different color every day.

  15. Tweet at Shawn Mendes in hopes that he notices you.

  16. Apply to every job ever.

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