Sophomore who pledged to work out every week still MIA

Faith Breen, Contributing Writer

Catherine VanPatten ’20 posted her first “finsta” to her Instagram account on Sept. 5 at approximately 9:23 p.m. The post, which focused on her vow to work out more this semester, included some #fitspo goals as well as a picture of avocado toast and Kombucha juice in a mason jar.

Although the full contents of the post are still under investigation, an inside source (and one of the account’s exclusive 56 followers) confirmed that the phrases “catch me at the KLARC” and “#roadtoresults” were used.

The post has been revered as a rousing tribute to personal fitness and general health.

VanPatten is one of many students rededicating themselves to strength and cardio upon returning to the University for the semester. However, her journey has taken an unexpected detour.

Since the post went viral, VanPatten has reportedly been spotted walking around campus adorned in Lululemon Athletica gear, despite not having set foot in the Kenneth Langone Athletic & Recreation Center (KLARC).

KLARC front desk attendants were shown VanPatten’s photo and after careful examination, they confirmed she has not been seen on the premises.

Friends say VanPatten was inspired by #fitspo posts all summer and seemed very committed to making a lifestyle change.

“I mean, like, I know she wanted to be a Teatox sponsor, and I was really excited about it because I wanted the 10 percent discount code,” VanPatten’s best friend said. “I like don’t know I guess … like, it was just too much for her,” she continued.

Other students on campus have seen VanPatten signing late-night receipts for both Domino’s Pizza and Chinese food as well as leaving the Seventh Street Café with milkshakes.

At the time of publication, it remained unclear if VanPatten will ever make it to a spin class, report to her social media followers how Teatox has changed her life, or if, in fact, another year of Flyson and Netflix binging is in store.

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