The (naughty) List: Semi-productive things to do over winter break

Ella Ri, Contributing Writer


  1. Spend a day at your high school and visit every teacher you have ever had. Be sure to bring up a random conversation from several years ago that they definitely remember.
  2. Sample a day’s worth of food at the closest McDonald’s, and write insightful critiques on Yelp. The world needs to know your opinions on the McRib.
  3. Crash your 15-year-old neighbor’s holiday “banger.”
  4. Create a Tinder account for your dog.
  5. Set up a lemonade stand on your street corner and start to pay off your college tuition debts. Even though it’s freezing outside, you will have a monopoly on the market and rake in lots of quarters.
  6. Hunt down every friend you’ve lost touch with since high school and demand to know why the friendship ended. Present your findings on Facebook.
  7. Redecorate your childhood bedroom (which has since been turned into your mother’s office/art studio).
  8. Drive by the bus stop and offer rides to and from school. You’ll become the coolest kid on the block (or get arrested).
  9. Email professors to get a jump start on next semester’s assignments. They love getting emails on Christmas morning about the textbook list for their course in the spring.


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