Letters from abroad: memoirs of a cultured person

Faith Breen, Contributing Writer

This week The Bucknellian received a letter from one of our correspondents abroad, Jessica McLawley ’19, who is studying in Paris, France this semester.

Hey guys! (Or as they say in French, “bonjour!”)

Honestly, I can’t believe I even have the time to sit down and write this right now. I’ve been having the most amazing whirlwind of an experience so far; as the French would say, “C’est bien!” And it’s only been a few weeks  – très exciting!

Just the other day I sat down in this absolutely adorable little park, sort of near this hip spot with a statue called the Eiffel Tower. I thought it was so great that so many Parisians were out and about; it really felt like I was connecting with the locals and experiencing all that the city had to offer. Seriously, if any of you are planning on visiting Paris soon, you totally have to check this place out!

And of course, it really wouldn’t be Paris without a quirky little coffee shop, would it?  I’ve found this great place called “Au bon Pain,” which literally means “good bread!” Such a perfect name because the croissants will totally change your life. It really is so unlike anything we have back in the States — another spot I’d recommend to anyone traveling here soon.

It’s been so fun acclimating to the French culture because it’s so rich and unique. These days I really am feeling super Parisian. I just bought this super cute beret on the Champs Elysees to really blend in. Such a funny story, because the other day I was ordering some lunch at a restaurant in some of the French I just learned, and my waiter answered me in English. So crazy that he could tell I’m an American, but c’est la vie, right?

I really think that studying abroad will be life changing, and I can’t wait to keep discovering more and more about the city of love!



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