The list: How to study abroad in Lewisburg

Feeling the post-study abroad blues? Don’t worry. Our team of world travelers has assembled a thorough list of ways you can bring all of your incredible European experiences back to the heart of Lewisburg. In order to study abroad at the University, you must:

  • Show up to class wearing a huge parka in 75 degree weather with a scarf and boots because you dress for the season and not the weather.
  • Show up to the Bison at 10 p.m. sharp, expecting dinner, then ask for an English menu.
  • Have a fully-functioning bidet installed in your senior apartment.
  • Show up to Amami, pronounce the name of the restaurant correctly, and order “uno panino con Parma ham e formaggio.” Be sure not to tip anyone.
  • Sit on the Malesardi Quadrangle in the middle of the day with a bottle of wine and cheese.
  • Not wear deodorant.
  • Ask Domino’s if they have escargot, then eat your pizza with a knife and fork.
  • Sip on a glass of wine during LIT Night.
  • Hand the bartender your passport when they ask for ID.
  • Casually smoke cigarettes at the tables outside the Elaine Langone Center during lunch.
  • Ask risk how much they charge for coat check.
  • Wear your backpack like a fanny pack.
  • Double-kiss your professor when you greet them at office hours.
  • Communicate with your sorority on WhatsApp.
  • Order a mytaxi downtown.
  • Pregame any party with a special brand of cider.
  • Lay out all of your clothes to dry on a giant drying rack on the suite.
  • Put +1 before everyone’s phone number.
  • Refer to your senior apartment as your senior flat.
  • Get a detachable shower head for your senior flat.
  • Ask what the current exchange rate is from American dollars to dining dollars.
  • Carry a euro on you in case you need to use the bathroom.
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