Will Cardi “B” prosecuted?


Graphics by Olivia Braito.

Lauren McDermott, Contributing Writer

When an old video from Instagram Live surfaced of Cardi B admitting to drugging and robbing men in her past days as a stripper in the Bronx, “I Like It” fans were shocked. Addressing the situation, Cardi explained that she did it as a means of “survival” and that she won’t deny it wasn’t her best “Money Bag” moment.

“So I’m seeing on social media that a live I did three years ago has popped back up. A live where I talked about things I had to do in my past right or wrong that I felt I needed to do to make a living,” Cardi B wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday. “I never claim to be perfect or come from a perfect world wit [sic] a perfect past I always speak my truth I always own my s***.”

She went on to explain how she does not stand by the crimes she committed as a stripper and aspiring singer. She wrote, “I never glorified the things I brought up in that live [sic] I never even put those things in my music because I’m not proud of it and feel a responsibility not to glorify it.”

Cardi received backlash for these unlawful acts on social media, with the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB spreading in recent days. Haters equated Cardi’s actions with those of musician R. Kelly, whose sexual abuse victims share their story in the newly released “Surviving R. Kelly.” This is purely wrong. In no way is the queen of rap, who was willing to do whatever it took to provide for herself, similar to an abusive sex addict who has hurt so many victims and denied it. In a way, it does raise the questions about current celebrity culture: When does normalcy apply? Who and what do we forgive? Are we going to forgive Cardi B? Cardi has acknowledged she was wrong, but she remained adamant about survival through all means necessary. So, ladies and gentlemen, that is how you get to the top; that is how she was crowned queen in the first place.

Because of Cardi’s past, she feels a responsibility not to glorify such crimes in her music. These days, many rappers and singers use lyrics that describe dangerous drug use and sexual assault, while Cardi does not. Although she does have an arguably provocative and wild image, it is because she has always been a hustler. Her hustler identity resonates with a lot of people and is the reason she is loved by many. Cardi’s dark past should not affect her racy and boujee persona. Fortunately, Cardi sees the conversation about her as a positive occurrence.

Cardi’s confidence should influence all girls and women. Far too often, girls are afraid to feel confident in their own skin, their past mistakes covering them like tattoos on their bodies. Cardi B is a role model for self-worth and achieving your dreams through hard work. She knows she has had some rough patches in her climb to the top, but so has everyone. This scandal won’t slow her down.

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