Student Affairs Leadership Awards recipients are announced

Sarah Haber, Assistant News Editor

On Tuesday, April 21, 37 students were awarded Student Affairs Leadership Awards for their qualities of leadership excellence on campus. Students, faculty and staff were able to nominate their students or fellow peers for an award in February. While the presentation of the Student Affairs Leadership Awards usually takes place at a luncheon on campus, the awards were presented over Zoom during allotted time slots. Recipients will receive their awards in the mail.

The selection committee, composed of Dean Badal, Dean Conrad, Dean Grassadonia, Dean Van Lone and Dean Brown, went through all of the nominations for the various awards and chose the candidate they thought best represented leadership on campus.

“All the students receiving awards are so deserving — they have given in such positive ways to the University — to make Bucknell a better place,” said Dean Conrad.

The first award that was presented was the Emerging Leader Award, which is given to a first-year or sophomore that has demonstrated leadership potential through their co-curricular activities. Jala Grant ’22 was given the award for her involvement in several activities, including being a POSSE Scholar, a Junior Fellow for the Social Justice Residential College, Chair of Outreach for the Black Student Union, Co-Chair for the Freeman College of Management Student Advisory Board and a member of the Committee on Campus and Student Life.

The Class Awards of Excellence are given to a member of each class for displaying leadership qualities through their involvement and influence on campus. Okkar Min ’20, Julian Ricketson ’21, Patrick Milone ’22 and Allure Cooper ’23 were all awarded with the Class Award of Excellence for their respective class.

The Civility and Respect Award was given to Galaan Abdissa ’21 for his involvement as an RA and with the CAP Center. Brishti Mandal ’20 was given the Bridge-Builder Award, which is awarded to a student who has successfully worked across the usual boundaries of campus life to bring together students. Arianne Evans ’20 was awarded The Don Stechschulte Change Agent Award for her work as Senior Class President and as an RA, as well as for her involvement in several other activities on campus.

The Community Outreach Award was given to Craig Silverman ’20 for his work with the Student Calling Program, volunteer work with Bucknell Buddies and his involvement in many other activities on campus. Jen Borowka ’20 was awarded the Gerald W. Commerford Orange & Blue, award which is given to a student who demonstrated spirit, passion and a committed desire to make the University a better place. Chandler Houldin ’20 was awarded the Student Leadership Mentor Award which is given to a student who has used their experience to identify, encourage and support students in their leadership development.

The BISON Award for Excellence in Co-Curricular Activities recognizes seniors who have made significant contributions to co-curricular and community activities. Recipients include: Amaryllis Kanyabwero ’20, Arianne Evans ’20, Ariel Antoine ’20, Ashley Vecchio ’20, Brishti Mandal ’20, Caitlyn Manahan ’20, Chandler Houldin ’20, Craig Silverman ’20, Erin Hausmann ’20, Esmely Munoz ’20, Isabella Bjorkeson ’20, James Cobbinah ’20, Jen Borowka ’20, Jessica Henson ’20, John Davidian ’20, Kara Follosco ’20, Leslie Galvez ’20, Mary Catherine Jones ’20, Matthew Brown ’20, Michael Drabich ’20, Michael Gerber ’20, Okkar Min ’20, Paige Braun ’20, Tavian Vassar ’20 and William Wall ’20.

“While at first skeptical about virtually awarding these amazing students—it turned out to be so much fun! I had the opportunity to have parents, grandparents, siblings, high school teachers, Bucknell peers and others join in the virtual celebration of their accomplishments! In a time of uncertainty and disconnect — I think it brought joy and happiness. I’m just so proud of our Bucknell students.” said Dean Conrad.

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