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Fall 2013 Staff

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Ben Kaufman ’14
Winnie Warner ’14

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Managing Editor
Christina Oddo ’14

Presentation Director
Ken Gorab ’14

Business Manager
Samantha Adelman ’15

News Editors
Will Fierman ’15
Jackson McCarron ’15

Opinions Editor
Sara Blair Matthews ’15

Sports Editors
Lauren Boone ’15

Arts & Life Editor
Anna Jones ’15

News Layout Editor
Madison Lane ’14

Opinions Layout Editor
Elizabeth Morgan ’14

Sports Layout Editor
Maddie Bertschmann ’15

Arts & Life Layout Editor
Ken Gorab ’14

Special Features Layout Editor
Avid Khorramian ’17

Chief Copy Editor
Terra Fasold ’15

Copy Editor
Ajan Caneda ’14
Andrew Arnao ’14
Yvonne Jeng ’16
Meghan Carroll ’16

Photography Editor
Ally Boni ’15

Senior Editors
Madison Lane ’14
Cooper Sutton ’14
Alex Wagner ’15

Advertising Manager
Sydney Battista ’15
Nicole Della Cava ’14

Director of Public Relations
Jen Lassen ’15

Director of Social Media
Emily Evancho ’15

Web Editor
Alex Greene ’17

Subscriptions Manager
Alex Dorado ’15

Circulation Managers
Brian Case ’15
Sam Cowans ’15

James F. Lee

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Fall 2013 Staff