Lewisburg Community Garden partners with Office of Civic Engagement for Seed Swap

Margaret Ekblom, Contributing Writer

The Lewisburg Community Garden hosted a Seed Starting Workshop and Seed Swap at the Public Library of Union County on March 4.

Associate Professor of Biology and botanist Mark Spiro gave a lecture on starting seeds indoors. Spiro said if one gardener wanted a particular seed they could swap some of their seeds with another gardener, which is a helpful way for people to get a variety of plants in their garden.

“Plants growing in Pennsylvania take lots of time to completely finish growing due to the cold weather; this winter season is especially cold. Growing plants indoors gives plants eight weeks to start growing without waiting for warm weather,” said Stacey Sommerfield, assistant director of service learning and active member in the community garden.

Students are welcome to volunteer in the community garden and join in growing seeds indoors. Additionally, a plot in the community garden can be purchased for $20.

There will be a followup event held on April 17, also at the Union County Library. This event will feature speaker Wanda Boop, who will show gardeners how to make the most of planting in small spaces.

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