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The editorials of The Bucknellian reflect the consensus of the Editorial Board as to the topics and general position. If a consensus could not be reached, the opinions expressed are those of the Editors-in-Chief. All other opinion material represents the views of the author and not necessarily those of The Bucknellian.


The Bucknellian is written, edited, and published on 12 Fridays during each academic semester entirely by Bucknell students. The Bucknellian’s fiscal affairs are overseen by an Advisory Board comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators. All published material is chosen by the paper’s Editorial Board without any prior review by the Advisory Board, its advisors, the University, or the Bucknell Student Government.


Subscriptions are available $70 per year and $45 per semester. To subscribe, send payment and address information to: The Bucknellian Subscriptions, Box C-3952, Lewisburg, PA 17837. Subscriptions are mailed first-class on the Monday of publication. Please send change-of-address information to the above location as well.


The Editorial Board of The Bucknellian reserves the right to deny any advertisements if offensive, illegal, or in bad taste. Advertisements reflect the opinion of the advertiser and not necessarily that of The Bucknellian. For advertising rates, please contact the advertising managers at (570) 577-1085.


Bucknell University values free speech and academic freedom.  It does not engage in any prior review of The Bucknellian, nor does it censor content, relying rather on the good judgment of Bucknell students to follow journalistic ethical guidelines, good taste and compassion.  Since the paper is a public forum in the tradition of the free press, it strives to separate itself from the pressure of all factions and from governance groups.  For this reason, The Bucknellian is distanced from University administrative offices as well as from the student government and other students associations, both in its operations and its line of oversight.  It is always desirable for a student newspaper to preserve its autonomy, and thus freedom of the press, by avoiding conflicts of interest and by safeguarding itself from restraints, censorship or harassment.


The Editorial Board of The Bucknellian reserves the right to remove any comments if deemed offensive, illegal, or in bad taste.

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The weekly student newspaper of Bucknell University