BSG announces 2015 Executive Board


Brianna Crichton, Contributing Writer

Students voted for the 2015 Bucknell Student Government (BSG) Executive Board on Nov. 20 and elected Alex Rosen ’16 as president, Katie Chambers ’17 as vice president of operations, Gregory Chassapis ’16 as vice president of finance, and Taylor McCready ’17 as vice president of administration.

As president, Rosen will oversee the rest of Congress, delegate responsibility, and ensure that the actions of our Student Government accurately reflect the student voice. She expressed that her most important duty is to promote efficient communication.

Rosen will also be the liaison between the faculty and administration and the student body. Her goals include preparedness and coordination.

“With all of the expected radical changes that will occur in the upcoming months/years, it is important to anticipate and prepare for the outcomes that will affect all the students,” Rosen said.

Rosen’s personal policy is one of candor, and she strives to “listen to concerns and then be as transparent as possible when mediating the said issue or need.” Outside of BSG, Rosen has three majors and holds three jobs, in addition to being active in her sorority and the community.

Chambers’ job as vice president of operations is to oversee general BSG elections, the judiciary measures of BSG as a whole, and the student organization recognition procedures.

She noted that she hopes she can make BSG more proactive and encouraging, creating open communication between the government and the students. Chambers would also like to streamline the club-making process.

“Some people are unaware of all the amazing events that clubs put on across campus,” Chambers said.

Other than her position in student government, Chambers is a member of a sorority, volunteers with Head Start, and is treasurer of the French Club.

Chassapis said that as vice president of finance, he will mainly oversee the all financial transactions for BSG, and manage and publish the budgets of all organizations funded by BSG.

He believes that the current budgetary system will be his biggest challenge since he will work on refining it following last year’s test trial. Like Chambers, Chassapis’ will also be involved with the University’s clubs, though his focus centers on making sure that they receive appropriate monetary support.

“The most important issue for me is to provide clubs with funds that they need so that they can do what they need to do to grow,” Chassapis said.

His extracurricular activities include multiple clubs as well as intramural sports.

As vice president of administration, McCready is responsible for recording meeting minutes for Congress and communicating different BSG initiatives and activities to the campus community. Improving the campus climate is the main goal of her jurisdiction.

In addition, McCready will use her office to communicate to students everything that BSG is accomplishing. She is closely associated with the biology department and also volunteers in the community.

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