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To join the staff

We are looking to fill two paid positions for the upcoming Fall Semester: Advertising Manager & Business Manager. Click here for position descriptions and contact information.

For all inquiries, position descriptions, or interest in joining The Bucknellian, please contact Print Managing Editor Bethany Blass (

Positions on the Editorial Board are as follows:

  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Print Managing Editor
  • Web Managing Editor
  • Print Presentation Director
  • Web Presentation Director
  • Photography Editor
  • News Editor
  • Investigative News Editor
  • News Layout Editor
  • Sports Editor
  • Sports Layout Editor
  • Satire Editor
  • Satire Layout Editor
  • Opinions Editor
  • Opinions Layout Editor
  • Special Features Layout Editor
  •  Video Editor



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The weekly student newspaper of Bucknell University
To join the staff