Men’s Lacrosse falls to Lafayette in overtime

Madison Rehak, Staff Writer

Bucknell Men’s Lacrosse faced up against Lafayette this past weekend for another Patriot League game. This game would determine and decide who would clinch the final spot in the Patriot League Tournament. 

In the first quarter, the Bison and Leopards were battling back-and-forth to try to take the lead in the game, and, unfortunately, the result of this quarter was only 3-4 for the Bison. 

After this, the Bison lost momentum in the second quarter and the Leopards rattled off four goals unanswered, despite three efforts to attempt to come back. 

As the third quarter went on, Bucknell was able to get three more points on the board, but the Leopards were also able to get off two more goals, leaving the gap between the game at a standstill. 

The final quarter is when the Orange and Blue were able to come back faster and stronger than ever in the match. 

Jack Dudas ’25 was able to start momentum for the Bison. He was able to rattle off two goals with about four minutes of play remaining in the game. Dutch Furlong ’24 was also able to put up a point for Bucknell, as well, with only one goal left to tie the game. Jack Feda ’23 soon came to answer with the equalizer, while falling backwards, to push the game into overtime. 

Connor Davis ’25 had a chance to beat the Leopards but was unfortunately unable to do so from a save from the opposing goalie. Going into overtime, the Leopards were able to strike before the Bison, causing the loss for Bucknell. 

Despite the loss, Bucknell Men’s lacrosse played phenomenally and managed to go into overtime for a spot in the tournament after a 6-0 trail. Lafayette won 20 out of 31 face offs, but Bucknell beat them in shots 45-39. 

Cam Doolan ’25 posted a career high of four goals in the game. Dudas is multifaceted with many talents other than athletics. In the form of a poem, he was able to speak on the game, which can be read below. 

The last game for the team will take place on Friday at the home stadium against Navy and will be celebrating the 11 graduating seniors.  


“On the lacrosse field we fought, 

For our playoff dreams, we sought. 

But despite our will and skill, 

We fell short, against our will. 


The sting of defeat cuts deep,

As we mourn what we couldn’t keep.

But we’ll rise, we’ll soldier on,

Our resilience, never gone.


For in life, as on the field,

Obstacles and setbacks yield,

To those who preserve and fight,

And never give up the right.


To strive for what they hold dear,

And conquer fear, year after year.

So we’ll dust off and rise anew,

Stronger, wiser, and tried and true.” 

– By Jack Dudas

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