Bucknellian launches new website


Lauren Boone, Managing Editor

The Bucknellian launches a new website, https://bucknellian.net, today, Jan. 24, 2014. The updated website was designed by School Newspapers Online (SNO, www.schoolnewspapersonline.com).

Editor-in-Chief Jen Lassen ’15 and Web Editor Alexandra Greene ’17 collaborated with SNO over winter break to bring their ideal website to life. Although it is built on the same WordPress publishing platform as the old website, the new website has an updated look. The FLEX WordPress template automatically adjusts for the reader to see the website on any display, whether it is a computer monitor or a mobile device. The template also features several preset design options, including various column configurations, Google fonts, and more customizable settings.

The new changes pop out on the website’s home page. Instead of strictly a blog appearance, the new website looks more like a journalistic website. There are scrolling breaking news headlines underneath the masthead, accompanied by a picture slideshow. Sports fans can easily view the week’s events under the Upcoming Games column on the home page. Supporters can easily view details and results of past competitions under the Games & Scores tab.

There are more opportunities for photography on the new website. There are large, scrolling picture galleries underneath the masthead of the home page as well as for every section. Furthermore, there are photo galleries for every event. Instead of selecting one photograph to accompany the printed story, the student photographer can choose up to 25 photographs of an event to showcase on the website in an event-specific gallery. These increased opportunities for student photographers allow them to display their work and enrich the paper’s stories.

The updated website presents more advertising opportunities as well. Now the paper can run both print and online advertisements. Local Lewisburg businesses and the University departments can advertise to the Orange and Blue community online.

The new platform allows for increased interaction with its readers. The website has widgets for the paper’s various social media outlets and also displays the most recent updates from each one. This allows readers to view the most recent events happening on the University’s campus. Polls are also featured on the home page. Readers can learn about the paper, students, and how to get involved with the Bucknellian on the Staff Bios/About page.

The website features many new changes, but The Bucknellian is already looking to add more. The staff looks forward to the addition of a PDF Print Issue viewer, as well as a live audio stream from the University’s official student-run radio station, WVBU.

With new features and articles being uploaded on a more frequent basis, The Bucknellian has created a one-stop place for all campus life, sports updates, student information, and all things Orange and Blue and Lewisburg. The updated platform has maintained its professionalism, but it is now more appropriately tailored to the paper’s target audience: the University’s students, alumni, faculty, staff, and administration. The advanced features of the new website will bring The Bucknellian to life.

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