Inside WVBU

Amanda Relick, Assistant Campus Life Editor

In light of recent events, our University’s student-run radio station WVBU has been the center of attention on campus. As we have come together as a campus to address the issue that occurred on the station, it is important to know more about WVBU. Here is what you need to know about our campus’s one and only student-run radio show.

WVBU calls itself the “Voice of Bucknell University.” On 90.5 FM it offers a variety of shows run by student DJs ranging in genres from alternative, jazz, and classic rock. WVBU also offers music for on-campus entertainment.

Any student or faculty member is allowed to be a part of WVBU, but members need to go through a training process in order to become a DJ. Prospective DJs are required to read the DJ Manual, which is available to the public on the station’s website,, and pass a written and hands-on test. They also must attend a one-hour training session, sit in on three different board member shows, and host a live practice show for 15 minutes. 

The station reaches the surrounding Lewisburg area, including the United States Penitentiary Lewisburg. WVBU’s antenna has an effective radiated power of 225 kW and a transmitted power of 250 W. In addition to playing music, the station also provides public service announcements to its listeners.

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