Beyond the Bison: The Constant

Doug Hendry, Senior Writer

The greatest football school of all time has remained relevant even in this time of tumultuous change and advanced strategies in college football. Alabama won the National Championship earlier this month, showcasing the excellence that the program has promised since it won its first Rose Bowl in 1926.

The two opponents standing in the way of the Crimson Tide tried their best to prove their superiority over the juggernaut led by head coach Nick Saban. Michigan State couldn’t muster a single point, after getting shutout 38-0 in their semifinal match-up. Luckily for football followers, the championship game was much closer, but Alabama still outplayed the Clemson Tigers on both sides of the ball, ending in a 45-40 triumph.

All we can ask ourselves now is–how successful has this dynasty been? With this national championship, Alabama has won four of the past seven national titles, an unparalleled accomplishment.

The Crimson Tide have relied on an extraordinary defense to propel them to their championships. Not only that, but their running game has supplied several Heisman winners, including most recently Derrick Henry.

And who’s been the facilitator throughout this recent history? Saban.

Saban took over an average Alabama team in 2007 and immediately turned it into a championship-caliber squad. After a 7-6 record in his first season, Saban has led his team to double-digit wins in every season since, never losing more than three games in a season. He currently holds a 105-18 record at Alabama, an incredible feat in an ever-changing college landscape.

His coaching style, expecting the most out of his players on and off the field, has brought the best out of his student-athletes. All of the players buy in on Saban, making his job about being consistent from one year to the next.

We see this each and every year when the new recruiting class comes in. Alabama already holds one of the top recruiting classes for 2016; this recruiting prowess partially comes from the historical success the squad from Tuscaloosa has had, and partially from high school seniors who dream of playing for a coach like Saban.

It is difficult to determine how long Saban will be coaching at Alabama, but the team’s future remains bright. Bear Bryant is one of the most famous coaches in college football, having won six national titles with Alabama. Saban has given him a run for his money, with more time left to improve upon his own legacy.

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