Du’s and Don’ts: Super Saturday style

Elizabeth Duswalt, Columnist

Now that the weather is warmer, Super Saturdays will be in full swing. The girls will all don their best sundresses and the boys will wear their best jerseys or Hawaiian shirts. I think we have all begun to notice some common fashion trends associated with Super Saturdays at the University.

If it’s muddy, 80 percent of the girls will be wearing Hunter rain boots with their dresses (or pants if the temperature is below 40 degrees). Some brave girls will wear their Frye boots, but they will end up trashing them. The boys wear their Timberlands no matter what the weather is like, but if it’s muddy you will see some L.L.Bean boots in the mix.

Boys never fail with the hockey or basketball jerseys. Jerseys are the only articles of clothing that I know boys are ready and willing to spend over $100 on. They are the equivalent of girls’ Free People sundresses. To be honest, if you didn’t wear a jersey, did you even super?

Another male style is the God-awful, creepy, drunk uncle Hawaiian shirt. I will never understand this trend. The shirts remind me of dads in socks and sandals. They do not make me think, “Well now, that is an attractive male over there.” But with the rise of the dad bod, who’s to say at this point?

Girls wear different types of sundresses accessorized with trendy reflective lens sunglasses and Dunkin’ cups that are not holding Dunkin’ iced coffee. To be honest, the cup is a status symbol that says, “I just effortlessly threw myself together this morning and didn’t even have time to finish my coffee.” In reality, you had two of those coffees and three donuts and it took you almost two hours to get ready.

Recently the supers have been incorporating props like pool floats or banners. They make for great Facebook cover photos and Instagram posts. What says fun, fresh, and flirty more than you and your best friends looking radiant in front of a banner that says, “Happy people only”? Or you solo in a donut pool float?

No matter how typical Super Saturdays are, we love them nonetheless. So let the Hawaiian shirts and Dunkin’ cups rage on. 

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