New 24/7 study space to open in Bertrand Library on Sept. 10

Katherine Kromer, Contributing Writer

A new 24-hour study space will open on Sept. 10 to accommodate students who wish to study during Bertrand Library’s normal closing hours of 2-5 a.m. This new study space is to the left of the entrance of the library, where the digital scholarship center was previously located.


Plans for the space have been in place for over a year, and construction began in June. Through feedback from Library and IT’s Student Advisory groups, the space has been designed with the needs of students in mind.


“We’re excited to open this space that is the result of our collaboration with members of Library & Information Technology’s Student Advisory Group.  They helped us imagine and design a space that we really believe will meet a need on campus,” Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Library & Information Technology and Library Building Liaison Tracy Hower said.


Hower also shared a fun fact: “There are early-riser students who would prefer to study in the library at 5 a.m.!”


The space includes a mix of tables and comfortable furniture that can seat around 40 students at maximum capacity. Additionally, the new space will include a follow-me printer. This new study space is not necessarily a designated quiet study space, but rather students should feel comfortable engaging in group work. The space also includes a group study room for more collaborative work.


Bertrand Library will continue to have the same operating hours of 7-2 a.m., but now students will be able to continue to study in the library after normal closing hours by swiping into this new study space. Because this space will be open 24/7, the entire library will no longer be open during finals week.


“I think it’s great that this new space will allow students to be productive at times that work best for them,” Lea Walsh ’20 said.

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